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1. CROSS-CHANNEL (2008) Intro - Ron Peck

A film set on the cross-Channel ferries was an idea François Théault and I had discussed since first meeting in the 1970s. François was from Caen, in Normandy, and I was from London. Read more.

2. Introduction to the Website - Ron Peck

"I created this website, with much help, to make work I’ve done more available and accessible, to show previously unseen work but also to use it as a platform for projecting new work." - Ron Peck. Read more.

3. A kind of biography - Ron Peck

What do I say about myself? In a way I prefer the films themselves to say it all for me. Each project, made or unmade, was a consuming process and an adventure that defined and expressed a different part of my life. Read more.


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